So you wanna start contributing to Concourse...

Getting involved in active open source projects can be fun and rewarding, but it's oftentimes daunting as a new contributor. This blog post will try to demystify some of the team's higher-order activities around how we organize our work and strive towards collaboration, in an effort to make the contributing

Re-inventing resource types

Before the paint completely dries on the v10 roadmap, there is one last big unknown I want to explore in case it brings more clarity to our direction: generic tasks. Resource types are a great way to share tools and integrations for others to use in their pipelines. Unfortunately, they're

Concourse Mid-year Update

Phew, it's been a while. I got lots of info to cover so let's just get right into it Concourse OSS GrowthAs some of you may know, the Concourse team switched over to a PR-based workflow at the beginning of the year. This change is in line with our objectives

Designing a Dashboard for Concourse

How does the Concourse team go about solving the problem of pipeline monitoring?With the growing popularity of Concourse, we noticed that our development teams wanted to observe and monitor multiple pipelines simultaneously. This behaviour wasn’t limited to just Pivotal engineering teams; in fact, it was even more prevalent