GitOps For Your Pipelines

In this blog post we're going to cover how to use git and Concourse to automatically set, update, and archive your pipelines using the set_pipeline step. No longer will you need to use fly set-pipeline to update any of your pipelines! For consistency we will refer to the pipeline

RFC round-up: June 10th, 2020

First off: sorry, I immediately failed to keep my target pace for these. 😓 I got wrapped up in a deadline, and since I alternate weeks between engineering and community duties like this post, when I miss a week for RFC updates the 2-week interval can quickly turn into 4 or

Introduction to Task Inputs and Outputs

Understanding how task inputs and outputs work in Concourse can be a little confusing initially. This post will walk you through a few example pipelines to show you how inputs and outputs work within a single Concourse job. By the end you should understand how inputs and outputs work within

RFC round-up: May 6th, 2020

Howdy, and welcome to our first RFC round-up! 🤠 For those unaware, Concourse RFCs are a process for proposing and collaborating on improvements to core Concourse functionality, including pipeline behavior, new step types, new operator capabilities, etc. In short, RFCs are where all the cool new stuff is planned. 😎 My goal

Community update: enter Discussions! 🎉

Hasta la vista, stale bot. tl;dr:We've been granted access to GitHub's beta Discussions feature! 🎉Discussions on the concourse repo will be used for questions and technical support.Discussions on the rfcs repo will be for incubating ideas for new workflows, which eventually turn into Pull Requests (also on

Developing Concourse (from home 🏡)

On the Concourse team, we’re working hard to keep our product development running smoothly as we work from home, with some additions to our tech stack and changes to our day to day workflow.

A New Hangar For Resource Types

Photo: National Parks Service The idea to build a dedicated resource types catalog has been long-discussed. We’d like to announce that the idea has come to fruition: the new Concourse resource types catalog is wheels up! The catalog lists Concourse resource types that have recently been submitted to the

Re-inventing resource types

Before the paint completely dries on the v10 roadmap, there is one last big unknown I want to explore in case it brings more clarity to our direction: generic tasks. Resource types are a great way to share tools and integrations for others to use in their pipelines. Unfortunately, they're

Concourse Mid-year Update

Phew, it's been a while. I got lots of info to cover so let's just get right into it Concourse OSS GrowthAs some of you may know, the Concourse team switched over to a PR-based workflow at the beginning of the year. This change is in line with our objectives

Designing a Dashboard for Concourse

How does the Concourse team go about solving the problem of pipeline monitoring?With the growing popularity of Concourse, we noticed that our development teams wanted to observe and monitor multiple pipelines simultaneously. This behaviour wasn’t limited to just Pivotal engineering teams; in fact, it was even more prevalent