…and we’re back! The team’s been pretty quiet over the past few weeks due to vacations and holidays. This was our first week back at full strength so we’ve got some interesting updates for ya’ll

How are issues managed?

This is an issue that comes up a lot in our open source community, and Alex Suraci has taken some time to clean up our issues backlog and add in some bots. You can read the full details here: How Issues are Managed

In addition to the changes to how issues are labeled, we’ve also changed how we used projects and milestones under concourse/concourse. Epics are now organized under projects inconcourse/concourse , and release markers are managed under milestones inconcourse/concourse. And as always, our “tracks of work” can be found at the org-level project page .



Thanks to the hard work of the UX team, they were able to crank through a lot of nice UI issues over the past few weeks. This includes #2405 and #2881. We will also be scheduling a big track of work for transitioning to Elm 0.19.


We’re picking up from the global resource cache work from last year and picking off the remaining blockers to release. Specifically #2908 needs to be addressed otherwise everyone’s time-resource will kick off at the same time; which may be very bad news for shared environments. In order to keep the release process on track we will be parallelizing #2874 performance testing to another pair.


Having completed the placement strategy and testing it in prod, we’re proceeding to do some refactoring in #2926