Concourse 4.0.0 Dashboard

I’m happy to announce that we released Concourse 4.0.0 this week! This was a HUGE release with over 28 new features and fixes. I’d encourage you to read through the full list of changes on our Downloads page.

Why did this release warrant a bump in the major version? Well, if you’ve been following along closely you’ll know that we had just finished our new auth work in 4.0.0. Users are now central to the authentication flows, not teams. Practically speaking, the user-centric auth flow means that you won’t need to re-login to see pipelines in other teams that you already have access to! Underneath the hood though, “We’re leveraging CoreOS’s Dex project for all the moving parts, which already supports a ton of providers (Dex calls them “connectors”). The only delta required for Concourse to support a Dex connector is a tiny bit of glue code in our new Skymarshal component to provide higher-level flags for our CLI.” We spent a lot of time near the end of this cycle trying to make these changes backwards compatible, but ultimately decided that the changes were significant enough to warrant a bump in the major version. PLEASE PLEASE _ PLEASE _ refer to our release notes for all the breaking changes before executing your upgrade!

The second big change you’ll notice in 4.0.0 is that the home (/) route now takes you to the dashboard. We’ve also propagated the new colour scheme to the rest of the app and tightened up the fonts throughout the app.

We hope you like it!

So, what’s next? We’re focusing on three key areas: