Alex Suraci is still tackling the chores on our One Big Repo issue #2534. Specifically, Alex is re-writing a new pipeline (aka concourse) for our mono-repo structure so we can unblock ourselves from releasing updates.

In other news, Concourse engineer Saman Alvi wrote up a short article on her experience pairing with a product designer during a discovery into the PivNet resource; check it out: Design & Dev Pairing: What we learned during a one week technical discovery.

Finally, the Concourse team will be taking Monday, Oct 5 off to celebrate Thanksgiving. We’ll see you all next week!

On to the update:


We continue to work on the proposal for Role Based Access Control (RBAC). In the past few weeks we’ve been focusing more on the experience of assigning roles to new users. Our early attempts at this was to require operators to supply those changes through the fly CLI :

fly -t mytarget set-team -n myteam --role viewer --allow-all-users

fly -t mytarget set-team -n myteam --role member --github-user pivotal-jwinters --github-team myorg:myteam

This raises some questions though: how do you go about removing a role from a user on a team? should the role parameters be additive, or overriding like the other flags? Also, that’s a lot of flags to supply through the set-team command, maybe this belongs in a configuration file.

So with that we decided to move all of the user role configurations into a config file. We think that’ll be much cleaner. Hop on over to the updated RFCfor the update details.


  • We’ve been doing some much needed refactoring on the Elm frontend code. That’s also let us pick up some design polish stories like #2434 and #2430
  • The team has also had the opportunity to pick up a lot of issues around the fly CLI: #2532, #963, #1062


  • Space is back…but really it never left! With the hard work of resource pinning and global caching, we’re now ready to resume the work around Spatial resources #2651


  • Finished #1799 “Permit overlapping inputs, outputs and task caches


  • We finished #2312!!! ….except we DO need to do some acceptance testing to make sure we’ve covered all our bases.