Happy Friday! This one’s brief.

Merged RFCs

  • RFC #37: prototypes has landed! …but it probably could have use more detail regarding the run step, which is the only immediately actionable part of it. 🤔 I’ll draft another RFC for that; #37 mainly covered the protocol.
  • RFC #38: resource prototypes is in! Its associated issue for implementation is #5870.

RFCs to merge

  • n/a - taking a breather for this round-up to focus on the below RFCs and “reset” the 2 week merge window so I can start publishing these posts earlier in the week. 😅

RFCs in need of feedback

  • RFC #43: tasks queue still needs some love! The goal is to introduce a queuing mechanism to resolve the long-running issue of Concourse over-working workers.
  • RFC #29: across step introduces the special sauce for build matrices and branch/PR pipeline automation, and the proposal has been heavily revised. Check it out!

Open call for contributors

Valid identifiers (#5810) is now spoken for - thanks @mouellet! 🍻

The following issues are up for grabs:

  • Pipeline instances: #5808
  • Finishing var sources: #5813
  • Finishing the set_pipeline step: #5814
  • Implementing the get_var step: #5815

If anyone’s interested in helping out, or just learning how, let us know by replying to any of the issues linked above or asking in Discord!

This section will be repeated in each RFC round-up - the goal is to get to the finish line on the v10 roadmap by tackling items in parallel while improving project health by enabling more people to make significant contributions.

Thanks everyone!