(Photo courtesy of the CNE)

Apologies for the break from the usual update schedule; I wanted to get one last update out before I take some personal time, starting Fri. Aug 31 and coming back Sept 10. In my absence Scott Foerster and Alex Suraci will be writing the product update next week. The Concourse team will also be taking Monday, Sept 3rd off in observance of Labour day as well.

On to the updates:

  • Concourse 4.1.0 will be out…soon! We’ve begun the process of accepting all stories and deploying our pre-release version onto the internal test environments. If you’re curious as to what new features/bug fixes are coming out in this release, you can get an at-a-glace view in our Milestones page.You can expect the official release to come out very soon :D
  • Lindsay Auchinachie wrote another entry in her Concourse UI Explained series; this time covering the Concourse Build page.
  • The Concourse mono-repo is coming! You can read more about the change in issue #2534. Work on this will continue the moment we release 4.1.0


  • Worked on some UI improvements to help users distinguish between teams they belong to vs exposed pipelines #2427


  • Continued refactoring work on #2386
  • Worked on discussion regarding a PR from GitHub user edtan to resolve issue #2511


  • Since there didn’t seem to be any strong opinions on how we managed log outputting in #2104, we’ve decided to move forward with some reasonable assumptions.