Dennis Jarvis

Its been a week since we switched over to the PR workflow and so far its been great! We’re still working through some of the kinks with this process so please bear with us while we continue to burn down through the list of open PRs!

And now…on to the update! I might have missed a few issues while I’m still getting used to our new workflow. Completed issues now appear as closed PRs in concourse/concourse


  • Started to burn down our list of todos for Concourse docs pre-release. You can follow along in #143
  • Proposed a new structure for our docs in #136. Brace yourselves for broken links.


  • Added a “new version” tooltip to versions in Resource page #3136
  • Fixed a whole bunch of UX quirks in preparation for v5.0.0 release
  • Beginning our Elm 0.19 refactor and upgrade


  • Upgrade and performance testing for Concourse 5.0 #2874


  • Decoupling container and volume creation in FindOrCreateContainer #3052