This week, the Concourse team went out to Portland to attend OSCON 2018. Topher Bullock gave a great intro to Concourse in the Open Source track. We even met some of the Concourse fans in person!

In other news, we’ve begun to sketch out what RBAC might look like in Concourse. Please check out #2389 when you have some time!

On to the update:


  • Team has been working on adding drag and drop re-arranging for the dashboard in #2364
  • We also found a weird quirk with the new team creation flow, where you won’t see your team if it was just created and has no pipelines. We will be addressing this in #2382
  • Play/pause pipeline on the dashboard is mostly completed but was missing functionality when a search filter was applied; so I had to reject that story for review in #2365
  • Lindsay Auchinachie has also been entering some new UI polish issues to co-incide with our new dark theme: #2370, #2385, #2387, #2361


  • Picked up some stories related our migrations, see #2380 and #2074
  • Keen watchers of our repo will notice that we’ve added a note in our core backlog to start sketching out what additional work we need to get space moving along.
  • Reminder to check out and comment on the Resources v2 proposal!


  • We closed #215 in the docker-image-resource recently after we discovered a regression with a newer version of Docker. This seems to only affect large-scale Concourse installations that have reliability issues accessing and connecting to their local registries. A short-term fix is to target older versions of the docker-image-resource


  • Addressed #1516, wherein Concourse doesn’t run any jobs if Vault misconfigured
  • Did some work to begin imposing limits on containers in #787. Please review this issue carefully if this affects you; since our initial resolution is very specific and requires you to understand the nature of your worker vms
  • Worked on #2375 “Listing destroying volumes should not perform any database write operations” :D