If you haven’t done so already please check out Alex Suraci’s recent update post on “A renewed focus & community changes”. It covers all the recent changes that we’ve been making; starting with the new styling of the website, our new discussion forum, and our migration to Discord chat.

Specifically, we’ve been getting some mixed feedback on the new format of the site. Some folks love it, other folks miss the highly visual styling of the old site. As always, the Concourse team is always open to hearing your feedback in the usual channels. If you’d like, you can even open issues against the docs repo itself here.

And now, on to the update:


  • Finished up #1806 where our dashboard keeps spamming the ATC and the db with connection requests.


  • Started to spike on the spatial resource visualization, you can follow along at #2131


  • Tackling the large story on adding batch volume & container deletion to a worker #2109


Apologies to everyone who’s been waiting for feedback on their PRs. Alex Suraci has been working down the list this week; so we’re slowly making our way down the list and merging them in.