Concourse, beavers, poutine and maple syrup

Since July 1st was the official day of Canada’s birth, the Concourse team enjoyed a long weekend with no work on Monday. We were, however, able to get quite a bit done during this short week.

A big win is that we added a k8s-testflight job to our official ci pipeline (check it out here); this will let us know in advance when we have broken the Concourse Kubernetes Helm Chart. Shout out to Divya Dadlani, Jamie Klassen and Rui Yang for working on that in the Concourse team!

Here’s also a few interesting reminders:

  • For Pivotal-supported releases of Concourse (aka Concourse for PCF) you can find a compatibility matrix of common dependencies here:
  • I realized this week that not a lot of people know about this; but Alex Suraci wrote up a series of Concourse Anti-Patterns a while back. Its definitely worth the read
  • PLEASE take a second to review the upcoming Resource v2 RFC or its rendered version here
  • Concourse team is going to OSCON! Come by the Pivotal booth 406 and say “hi” !

Anyways, on to the update:


  • Fixed some minor UI issues across the board: #2333, #2313, #2291, and #2310
  • Continued our work in routing Dashboard page to the Home page in #2282. This, however, has turned into a bit of a scope creep and we are now upgrading the entire UI to use the new dark theme:


  • Discovered some additional backward incompatibilities with the new user-based auth that would be super annoying to deal with; so we have addressed some of them in#2326, #2299 and #1810. As always, you can read about future incompatibilities with our new auth in issue #2218
  • Alex Suraci had some time to pick up some low-hanging performance-improving fruit in #285