This was a post-release week, so we spent a lot of time merging in new code from the Users track, fixing our pipelines, and working on some neglected issues. All in all a solid week’s worth of work! On to the update


  • Changed the behaviour of the breadcrumb so that clicking on the pipeline name resets the pipeline view and group settings (#2258)
  • Fixed a bug with the breadcrumb where it wouldn’t render whitespace correctly (#2267)
  • Fixed a bug with team name overflowing on breadcrumbs (#2241)
  • Fixed a UI bug on the navigation arrows (#2276)
  • Added JSON stdout to Fly CLI (#952)

We haven’t done work on this yet, but based on our observations and feedback from the community, we’re planning to push the dashboard up to / level. This will require a few items of polish first; but you can refer to issue #2282 for details


  • Spent most of the week trying to rebase and merge in changes from the Users track. Our pipelines are finally green so we’re ready to push some of that work into our local environments for broad testing. Be sure to check up on #2218 for any gotchas that might affect you!


  • Conducted two user interviews this week. We have only have one or two more interviews left next week. After that we’ll be figuring out what our MVP might look light so we can start exposing that feature to adventurous Concourse users.


As with last week, we’re looking for feedback on how to improve our existing implementation of credential management. You can read more about it in issue #5.

The RFC around Resources v2is moving along with some new changes. Thanks to all the reviewers (itsdalmo, cwlbraa and dprotaso). I’d REALLY encourage ya’ll to read the full proposaland provide your inputs; since we’ll be relying on these changes for new features like Spatial Resources.