In case you missed it, we’ve made some tweaks to the structure of the website. I’m happy to report that Alex Suraci drastically improved our site-wide search. This resolves #181 and we’re all the better for it!

Second, you’ll notice that a lot of the community related comment that was on our homepage has now been moved to our Concourse GitHub Wiki. We hope this change will make contributor and community specific content more discoverable and more maintainable over time.

Concourse Wiki with more Contributor things!

Notably, the Resource Types, Tutorials , and Tools page has moved over to the wiki. Content that may be new to some of you include the Project Management section: How Issues are Managed, How to Process PRs, and Release Process.

On to the update.

K8s Runtime

Bohen and Sameer have been doing some great write-ups on their research. You can get caught up with their latest research in two GitHub issues: What does k8s offer as a runtime and What does Tekton offer as a runtime. If you’d like to track along with this project’s movements you can bookmark the K8s Runtime project board here:


The Sidebar is coming back! Check out our latest designs in #2440.

We’ve been looking into a few UI regressions in the web frontend as well. Specifically, #3745 and #3748 have been moved to the top of the backlog


We’ve been working on #3607and #3810 as sub-stories to help with Ephemeral Check Containers #3424

Divya Dadlani has also been thinking a lot more about “Performance benchmarking for Concourse releases” #3816. The idea is that we should be a bit more rigorous in tracking how Concourse improves with some of the runtime performance changes. Jump on over to the issue and drop a line if you have any ideas/opinions on this subject.