It’s been a busy week for myself and Topher Bullock. We spent some time in Boston meeting with some users operating large-scale Concourses. We learned a lot about the issues they were running into operating Concourse a scale…and we ate a lot of Lobster!

On to the update:


  • Made some improvements to the build page in issue #1543 that we’re hoping to test soon on our internal Concourse. You can read into some more of the details in our comments.
  • Expanded our PR pipelines in #2305 to run web tests as a part of pulling in the PR for Shareable Search on dashboard #2265.
  • Started the move of the dashboard/ view to be the root level page (issue #2282) by adding Logout to the dashboard page in #1663


  • Continued our struggle to finish off Users work with some fixes to migrations and breakages to our own testing pipeline
  • Continued with our user testing on Spatial Resources. We’re getting more confident with the designs, so we added a story to bring those designs into beta/ in issue #2292