Roman Alekseenkov from Aptomi giving a talk on Concourse at the Bay Area User Group

Sorry for missing the update last week. I was travelling out to the Bay area to attend the ConcourseCI Bay Area User Group. For those who missed it, you can find a recording of the event here. On to the update.

In case you missed it, Concourse 5.1.0 is out! It’s got icons on resources, better garbage collection, on_error on pipelines, and much more! As usual, you can read the full list of new features here.

Other interesting developments:

  • The runtime team has been looking into the administrative overhead of running tasks on workers. The results are pretty sobering. More to come next week!
  • We’re still looking into the k8s Tekton integration. We expect things to pick up in pace starting next week, where we’ll have a few more Pivots lending a helping hand. Again, you can find our RFC here
  • The sidebar is coming back, and we’re exploring how we can extend the search and filtration capabilities across Concourse
  • I added a section called “Concourse Users” on our Community page. This is just some of the companies and folks that have spoken about their Concourse usage in the past. If you’d like to add to that list feel free to make a PR here