As I mentioned last week, this was a short week for us in Canada due to the Civic Holiday. We did, however, manage to work on some pretty cool stuff!

With the release of 4.0.0, we’ve been shifting our new feature focus towards Operations and Runtime. We’re intentionally slowing down on UX to focus on regressions and UI polish for existing screens.

On to the update:


  • Continued our work on “pinning” a version of a resource across the pipeline. Completed #2439 but still have #2386 in flight


  • Wrapping up work around streaming build logs to an external target #2104
  • Investigated the issue around External Worker affinity on ATCs when using external workers #2312
  • Picked up the issue for adding a configurable timeout for resource and resource type checks #2352


  • In our continued exploration of k8s Helm Chart for Concourse, we’re looking into how we might auto-magically generate helm chart parameters #2472