The Concourse team had the opportunity to visit some Concourse users out in Montreal last week. We had a blast meeting everyone, including some folks from the Concourse OSS community. Thanks again for hosting us!

I’ll also be in Kansas City for two days next week to meet some other Concourse users as well, so give me a tap onTwitter or Discord (username jama) if you wanna meet up.

Parallel Input Streaming

initialization dropped from 1 hour 22 min to just over 4 min

In addition to the work on Algorithm improvements from the Core track, the Runtime track tested out their new work on Parallel Input Streaming. By parallelizing the input streams we saw a massive improvement on the initialization of tasks in our test pipelines. In our test we saw Dwayne Forde’s Strabo pipeline (which has over 100 input resources on a job) go from a 1 hour, 22 min initialization to just over 4 min. We were able to observe these results on both the BOSH and k8s deployment of Concourse. Exciting work!

Runtime Interface Track

For those who are interested, you can follow along our swappable runtimes (including k8s) work in the Runtime Interface track . We’ve been doing a lot of planning and research, but its all come down to “lets just give it a shot”. We’ll probably have more to say on this next update.

Release Engineering

One of the big changes that have come out of our Release Engineering track is extracting our ci automation into its own repository. This was done to make our project more resilient and reusable. You can now track those changes under concourse/ci