As I mentioned last week I’ve been doing story acceptance in our dev environments for the upcoming RBAC feature. The team’s been working through some of the new issues that come out of that to give some final polish on to the release.

Something that I haven’t talked too much about in the past weeks is our work on the Concourse k8s Helm chart. If you pull up some of the PRs under[stable/concourse], you’ll see that we’ve been proposing some changes to the chart. This all falls under our goals for helping the community stabilize the Concourse Helm Chart and to increase the scope of automated tests using the Helm chart. You can follow along some of our work in GH issues #2753 and #2876.

On to the update


  • Removed “allow all users” in #2721
  • Added the restriction that only owners of main can be admins #2846



  • Implemented #2843 to help users understand what roles they have on each team
  • Finished #2795, which added the “pin” colors to the legend
  • Completed an issue that lets users unpin from the top bar #2870
  • Moved the Exposed state on a pipeline off the team and onto the pipeline #2844
  • Fixed an old issue where users of new teams can’t un-pause their first pipelines #2882


  • Began building up large scale test environments for Global Resource caching #2874


Continued with #2577:

“..as a first effort solution, we have decided to go with using the existing number of active containers on the workers to determine container placement. This means that we are adding a placement strategy that adds the new task on to a worker with the least existing active containers.”