Combining repos for great justice

Going to switch things up this week and start with some interesting community news:

On to some development news:

  • We’re still hacking away at issue #2425 “Login session expired” error with multiple ATCs. Please check in on the story to follow along with our plans for a fix (it involves some migrations)
  • Praise be, we fixed the UX regression on the resources page where new resources weren’t being highlighted #2423
  • Still refactoring away to make way for #2386 in preparation for spaces
  • Finished #2352on Configurable timeout for resource checks. Turns out that by fixing that issue we also fixed #2431. We did end up making #2494 though in order to break out the specific ability to configure a timeout for resource type checks.
  • Paused work on #2104 on emitting build logs to an external system this week, hoping to pick it back up next week!