Logs and resources


As we continue our sporadic work on Kubernetes and its Helm chart, we’re also starting to expand our thinking to cover the runtime aspects of Concourse + Kubernetes. We’ve already prioritized the need to have Kubernetes as a supporting backend in addition to Garden, but what about the spiffy new developments in the Kubernetes world? We’re hearing a lot about knative and knative services like build and eventing. Are there any kubernetes users who’d like to weigh in on the topic? Let us know on ourforums!

Request for Comment

We’ve written a new RFC titled: Mergeresourceandresource_types. This RFC came about as a result of the work in pinning resources and #2386. You can comment on the RFC PR here

We are also stuck on #2104 Streaming of Build Logs to Additional Target. We’re specifically looking on feedback on the following questions before moving forward:

  • Our test for syslog is flakey: failing/hanging sometimes
  • Need to backfill a test for updating the drained column
  • What metadata do we want to send with the build log? team/pipeline/job/build names?
  • Is there a possibility for the build logs to be reaped before they are drained?
  • What kind of database locks do we need for the operation?

If you have an insight to shed on these questions, please hop on over to the issue #2104

Here are the rest of the updates for this week:


  • Long pipeline names in the dashboards will now have a tooltip to let you read the full pipeline name #2411
  • Login button alignment on mobile views is pushed up #2433


  • Finished up the work on the multiple ATC login issue #2425. The fix for this will require a db migration in the next version of Concourse!
  • Added the ability to do a fly check-resource-type #2507 in order to support #2494resource type check_timeout


  • Continued work on issue #2386 Equivalent resources defined across pipelines and teams should only correspond to a single version history. The work here has led to the creation of the new RFC mentioned above: Mergeresourceandresource_types


  • We’ve picked up an issue that aims to be better at inferring defaults for peer/external URLS #2519. This should help with some of the 4.0.0 upgrade and installation issues.