With the four(!) RFCs from the last round-up now merged, it’s time to move on to the next RFC milestone: Prototypes!

Merged RFCs 🎉

RFCs ready to merge 🤞

  • RFC #37: Prototypes is finally ready to go! For (much) further reading, check out the Re-inventing resource types blog post. The importance of this RFC really cannot be overstated; it will be the most significant change to Concourse since its creation.
  • RFC #38: Resource Prototypes demonstrates how the Prototype protocol may be used to implement the next generation of resource prototypes (formerly resource types) and gain long-requested functionality along the way.

Shiny new RFCs ✨

Open call for contributors 📢

The following is a list of issues for each merged RFC that still has work to be done.

  • Pipeline instances: #5808
  • Valid identifiers: #5810
  • Finishing var sources: #5813
  • Finishing the set_pipeline step: #5814
  • Implementing the get_var step: #5815

If anyone’s interested in throwing their hat into the ring and getting involved with Concourse development, let us know by replying to one of the issues linked above! Future RFC round-ups will include the same list, presumably with more entries.

The v10 roadmap is highly parallelizeable, so if more people get involved we can make it to v10 much more quickly and with a healthier project that has more people able to contribute. We’re super keen to give guidance and help out. 👌