Reppin’ Concourse at Spring One Platform

The Concourse team went out to Washington D.C. this week to attend Spring One Platform 2018. Thanks to all the Concourse fans who stopped by to say hi, we really enjoyed meeting ya’ll. All of the talks were recorded and should be uploaded to the SpringDeveloper YouTube channel in the coming weeks. Some of the interesting talks to check out are:

Concourse ❤ Spring & PCF

And now, on to the update:

You’ll notice that our main pipelines are paused. This is because Alex Suraci is working away on #2534, refactoring our main pipeline to support our new mono-repo structure. This new pipeline is simply called the concoursepipeline.

In addition to refactoring the pipeline, Alex Suraci has been fleshing out the new developer/contributor workflows under our new mono-repo. You can find the new updated information in

Bugs…or features?!

You’ll also notice that we ask whether you are reporting a bug or a new feature when creating issues. This will (hopefully) help get our backlog more organized and reduce the up-front triaging!


  • Completed #2221 “Add fly command to land worker”
  • Added new fly flag to “Support manual token entry during login when running fly from a remote shell” in #2464
  • Fixed #2539, where a login through fly may be “successful” if you do not belong to a specific team
  • Fixed #2598




  • Tackling #2312, which is still giving us a run for our money