Concourse 4.2.0 and Concourse 4.2.1 were released earlier this week. There’s a lot of great fixes and features in this new release, so please upgrade now!

Reminder that The Great Project Restructuring of 2018 is now underway. You’ll notice that all our submodules (e.g. ATC, TSA fly)are now all under the root level of the concourse/concourse repo. Its cleaner.

You’ll also notice that the BOSH spec has moved from its usual place. We’ve separated out the BOSH release code into its own repo under concourse-bosh-release. As always, you can find examples of how to use the BOSH release under concourse-bosh-deployment.

Edit: I forgot to mention that Concourse user danhigham wrote an awesome Atom plugin for Concourse. Give the concourse-vis plugin a spin and show him some love!

Finally, please take some time to fill out the 2018 Concourse community survey . We’re at 80 responses right now and hoping to hit 100 before we publish the results!

On to the update:


  • RBAC IS COMING! Team is working away at implementing our first iteration of fine grained role based access control. You can read the details about this work in the RFC here.


  • More UX polish and refactoring, specifically we’re trying to merge the HD dashboard logic with the normal dashboard logic. A lot of that work is hidden in #2572


  • #2386is close to completion! Hurray. Applying some final polishes before shipping it. You’re gonna love it.


  • Finished #2586, which should make things more efficient
  • Made progress on #2588. Completed the GC container portion and will re-apply the same logic on the volumes portion


  • Issued PR #7804 against the Concourse Helm Chart, which refactors the values.yml to better map Concourse binary commands in the Helm Chart