Hi folks,

Had an interesting week talking to customers about how we might improve their Concourse operations and deployments. More info on that soon!

On to the update:


  • Fixed an issue with timestamps #2088


  • Continued our refactoring of the API to support dex and users #1888


  • Finished the issue around custom resources on tagged workers, it should work now #1371
  • Restricted the list of allowed TLS ciphers for more security checkboxing #1997


And now, some words from our Product Design team:

Lindsay Auchinachie and Sam Peinado are continuing work on the Space and Causality features in Concourse.The Space features give users the ability to have arbitrary build matrixes within one pipeline and of a resource to solve for the pain around people testing many variations/combinations. Causality allows users a view into what is going through the pipeline, and how far it has made it through the pipeline. Read the proposals for Spatial Resource Flows and Resource Causality Flow on GitHub.
This week we shared out our Space framing and talked through feasibility and technical constraints of this with the engineering team. Started work on a small Invision with the current Ruby and Git use case. Pairing with engineering next week to define additional more complex uses cases for coding a prototype with real pipeline.