Phew, it’s been a while. I got lots of info to cover so let’s just get right into it

Concourse OSS Growth

As some of you may know, the Concourse team switched over to a PR-based workflow at the beginning of the year. This change is in line with our objectives of being open and transparent with our community of contributors. Plus, its just good thing to do because that’s what most OSS projects do. Since then we’ve noticed a noticeable uptick in PRs opened by non-Concourse core contributors across our repos:

And while our peak period seemed to be concentrated at the beginning of the year, we’re still seeing steady contributions through the summer months

The Concourse project also hit another big milestone: we now have over 4000 Github stars! As of today we’re sitting at 4213 stars, a 52% increase in popularity from this time last year.

Concourse v10

In case you missed it, Alex wrote out a great blog post that outlines our long term vision for Concourse. It’s got a breakdown of some exciting new features, from references to Spaces, the new Algorithm, Concourse Projects, etc. You can read more about it here

Concourse Project Planning

There’s been some big changes to how we organize and visualize each track of work now. If you take a peek in the project board you’ll see now that each of our tracks are clearly labeled as swimlanes, with each prioritized Epic as cards under each swimlane. We hope you’ll find this new format easier to consume

Increased Transparency on Team Process

We recently held our first Concourse team offsite. We discussed topics such as:

  • How can we tighten up our PR workflow?
  • When do we release, and how often?
  • Let’s tackle the issue of Tech Quality
  • Concourse Principles

We’ve got a lot of action items and takeaways from that meetings, so look forward to updates from the team once they begin to formalize!

Concourse Teams in the Wild

Members from the Concourse core team will be making a few more conference appearances before the end of year.

CF Summit EU 2019

Taylor Silva and Scott Foerster will be giving a Concourse CI 102 talk at CF Summit EU 2019. I got a preview of the talk recently and its super informative for folks who are interested in learning more about the internals of the web node and how jobs/resources are scheduled

SpringOne 2019

The Concourse team will be hosting a 2 hour workshop in Austin during the workshop days before SpringOne 2019. The registration list is already full (sorry!) but if you’re lucky you might get a spot if someone drops out. Or, you know, write a Concourse pipeline to watch the website and register yourself if the state changes! You can read more about the event here