If you’ve been experiencing “Aw Snap” errors on Chrome with Concourse 3.13.0 or 3.12.0 we traced the root case to two lines of CSS. This seems to happen only on Chrome 67; so a temporary workaround is to switch over to Chrome canary or use Firefox/Safari/Edge. You can follow along in our discussion at GitHub issue #2236

Now, on to the update


We were able to successfully test our distributed volume GC collection code on our Wings environment this week. Overall we’ve seen a significant drop in Database Queries and a ~10% decrease in Web CPU usage.

Notice how the Database Queries now look like a sawtooth; this is a result of our new “mark and sweep” GC strategy on workers.


In an effort to make our new Users work backwards compatible and downgrade-able, we spent a good chunk of this week figuring out down-migrations. The conversation around this, and the compromises we’ve had to make can be found in Josh’s follow up comment here


Check out the new breadcrumbs and responsive groups on our prod environment!

We’re still looking for users who would be interested in testing out our new spatial resources view! Please reach out to me over Twitter or @jma on Discord if you’re interested!