MGI Construction Corp

This week the team got together to discuss the initial groundwork and investigations required to publish and maintain a supported API. If you’ve built any tools against our API and have feedback for us, please let us know by commenting on the original issue #1122.

In another interesting update, the PivNet team has published an update to the pivnet-resource so “you no longer need to specify the access key, secret access key, bucket and region for creating releases.” If you use that resource, you should definitely check it out!

On to the update:


  • Picked up the story for pinning versions of resources in the web UI #2508


  • Continued our work on resources v2 and spatial resources with #2651


  • Picked up failing tests in Testflight/Watsjs #2719
  • Started work on retry / read deadline for Volume Streaming #2676


We’ve added descriptions to our metrics graphs! You can check out the descriptions on our prod metrics here:

In other news we’re also working on #2674, emit metrics for locks held in the database