In 2014 the Concourse CI project started with just two engineers; Alex Suraci and Chris Brown. At the time, both Alex and Chris were working on the Pivotal Cloud Foundry team. Over time, they became increasingly frustrated by existing CI/CD solutions. In response, Alex and Chris worked on designing a new CI/CD system in their spare time; imagining a new type of CI/CD system that would treat pipelines as first class citizens. After building some early prototypes and seeing early success internally within Pivotal, Concourse as released as an open source project with sponsorship from Pivotal.

Fast forward to 2017 and the Concourse team has grown considerably. We now have 6 full time engineers (soon to be 8), a product manager (that’s me!) and a product designer. The Concourse team is distributed across two countries (US and Canada); with a majority of the team working out of the Pivotal office in Toronto. Alex is still around and remains a key contributor to the project.

The Concourse open source community has grown considerably as well. We do our best to to keep engaged with everyone through GitHub issues, Slack and StackOverflow. And now, using Medium we are going to try to do a better job at covering the bigger topics like: the Concourse roadmap, the Concourse philosophy, and more generally “how things work”.

If you have any specific comments that you’d like us to cover, comment below, hit me up on Twitter (@pioverpi) or reach out on the Concourse Slack (@jma)