Help shape the future of Concourse

Since Concourse CI was created, thousands of users worldwide have helped the project by opening issues, committing code, and providing feedback to the team that develops the product. This community involvement is priceless - thank you, Concourse community! 👏

One of the ways the Concourse team collects feedback is through our annual Community Survey. This lets us gather crucial information about how users deploy Concourse, how different use cases scale, and various configuration patterns. We can also directly collect requests for new features and bug fixes. Past surveys have led us toward crucial features like the Dashboard UI, RBAC, new container placement strategies, and dozens of performance fixes.

Each year’s results are published in a blog post to help share out our most interesting findings.

The state of Concourse in 2020

Today we are launching the Concourse 2020 Community Survey. This survey is open to everyone who uses Concourse, whether it’s your daily CI/CD tool, one of many automation tools your company uses, something you’re experimenting with on the side, or something you’re hoping to learn more about in 2020. The answers you provide will help ensure the product, community, and ecosystem fit the needs of the people closest to it.

Please help us by participating in this 5-minute survey:

Edit: Survey closed! Thank you to everyone who participated. Check out the results in the 2020 Community Report.

Spread the word!

We need as many users as possible to participate in this survey to help us better understand our global user base. We’d be grateful if you would spread the word by sharing this post on your social network feeds, around the office, at meet-ups, and in other communities.

Thank you!