Let us know if you’d be interested in Concourse swag

Following up from a discussion on our forums Scott Foerster has been looking at different options for selling Concourse swag online. Do you want Concourse leggings? or maybe a limited edition @vito pls pillow! Let us know in the thread Concourse merchandising.

Please also take some time to fill out our 2018 Concourse Community survey. Your feedback is really valuable to us and the information you provide will help us plan the future of Concourse. We only have a handful of responses so far and we’d like to get more before we publish the results!

On to the update:


  • As a welcome back to Joshua Winters, we took a look at #2463 and the possibility of doing an internal redirect for all auth components. Unfortunately, that didn’t work quite well. Check out the full issue thread for details
  • Remember that RBAC RFC? Well, we’re going to buckle down and start working on that now


  • Following up on issue #2427, we’re applying the same labelling principals to the HD dashboard view in #2572


  • Kept hacking away on good ol’#2386


  • Spiking on #2581, where we ask ourselves “Can we determine when a build step fails because the worker is unusable?”


  • Continuing on #2312. This issue has exploded a bit to lots of edge cases and race conditions; but our determination to finish this issue is strong
  • Looked into why our k8s-testflight job keeps breaking.